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Baldwin Piano Information

   Baldwin Piano Company is going through a renaissance phase. Production on the Baldwin artist pianos have been cut drastically to improve quality control and to directly compete with Steinway & Son. Baldwin has cut their retail distribution from over 300 dealers to 90 select dealers across the country.

They have revamped how the pianos are being built.. Like Steinway pianos Baldwin used to use an assembly line approach to building the pianos without much synergy or connection from beginning to end (except in the very limited production concert and semi-concert grands). Now Baldwin is using a "ground up" approach to each and every artist grand built. The same team of technicians builds a piano from the ground up and knows every particular item in each individual piano in order to create a better sounding piano with much improved quality control.

Baldwin is now using certain patents previously only available on the concert 9' sd-10 on all of their artist grands as well as many of their verticals. Including the Synchro-Tone String, and the Accu-Just Hitch Pin.

Every Baldwin artist grand piano now leaves the factory with a letter from the President of Baldwin Piano that he personally inspected the piano before it left the factory and it meets or exceeds the highest of standards.

Baldwin is actively replacing many Steinway pianos in performance venues as well as other brands. Baldwin has always been the choice of the consument concert performer as well as the seasoned Jazz player. Many artists are switching over to the Baldwin piano. Click here for Baldwin's artist roster.

They are also raising their prices dramatically to cover the additional costs of building a world class high performance piano with many advantages of the still more expensive steinway piano.

If you are looking to buy an undervalued high performance piano, you should seriously consider the new Baldwin artist series of pianos.

Baldwin Artist Roster

Baldwin Venues

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