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I want to personally welcome you to our NJ piano store. Our piano store is a family owned and operated piano dealer. My family and I have a combined experience of over 90 years in the piano industry. I have been playing piano since the age of 3 and now have a masters in piano performance plus a music education degree. I have concertized up and down the East Coast and have performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. I have hand selected what I believe to be the best pianos available on the market today at the absolute lowest prices anywhere. I strive to find the best value in a piano today. I have played literally hundreds of pianos from dozens of manufacturers before selecting the pianos that we carry at Worldwide piano. At our Piano store in New Jersey you will find the most knowledgeable salespeople anywhere in the country. These musicians and technicians will take the time to teach you and find the best piano for you. As music educators and professional musicians we will educate you and find you the best piano for your needs." -Enrico Aquino IIIcouple sitting by the player piano retailer piano store

As one of the top rated piano retailers in New Jersey, We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of new and used pianos on the East Coast. My family has received top piano dealer awards from companies such as Bechstein pianos, Petrof pianos, Samick pianos, Kawai pianos, Hallet, Davis & Co. pianos, Baldwin pianos, Charles Walter pianos and J. Strauss & Son pianos. At Worldwide piano we have been able to keep the family style atmosphere of my father's first music school and piano store in NJ for our piano customers yet give them the incredible discount prices of one of the largest piano dealers in the USA.. 

As a School of Music, we understand the needs of our customers. We know the concerns over whether the children will continue their piano lessons. We know how to help our piano customers in deciding on the right piano purchase by meeting the children and talking with the parents about each families unique situation. Unlike some piano stores we don't just SELL you a piano and never see you again. In fact, most of our 200 + piano students bought pianos from us and some have been attending our schools for years. A few of our piano students have gone onto collegiate music programs. At our piano store we want to create a lasting relationship with our customers, so there is no quick sale to make a dollar, we want to earn your respect and business. We do this all while still promising the lowest prices and best service available from any piano store in NJ or the country.




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